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Lost Art Studio carries Hearthside Fibers Color A La Carte 1 oz packages of 50 colors of wool for felting



Large Felted Purse

Wet Felt & Needle Felt 

with  Anna Repke

Saturday and Sunday October 30 & 31, 2021 is canceled

and rescheduled for April 2 & 3 2022

9:00 am to 4:00 pm with an hour lunch break

DEADLINE FOR SIGN UP IS Thursday March 24, 2022

          (Workshop size min 6)

           Recommended Experience Level: Beginner


           Cost: $195

           Materials: $40  instructor on day of workshop

            Students should Bring: 2 towels and wear

            comfortable clothes that can get can get wet.


  You will learn how to make a large landscape felted purse. Approximately 13" x 14".   With the skills you learn from this class, you will be able to go to the moon!  You will learn how to wet felt, needlefelt, landscape design and how to create a one piece vessel.  (A purse in this case)  Bring your imagination and ambition for a great two days of creating.

I will do a demonstration at the end of how to create a large tote that is sewn together.


Be aware that there is a fair amount of rolling and rubbing using your arms and hands.



Anna started out as an oil painter, but the toxic fumes just proved too much and that was the end of painting!  Raising kids and Border Collies became the focus.  She was here at the WI Sheep and Wool Festival competing in the sheep herding part and  sold a dog to a fiber artist, Gale.  

Later, Gale taught her about felting and so when the discovery of ”painting” with wool was made, it soon turned into a passion!  Now the kids are raised and the Art Shows, Workshops and Classes across the country have taken over. 


Anna says, ”I never knew what it was to have a passion until this. I haven’t looked back since.  Working with wool has been the most fulfilling creative experience for me, ever.  There is something about the organic quality to the wool.  It has texture, character and life.  The things that can be done with it are endless.” 


Pet Portrait in 2D

Needle Felt 

with  Justine Heinrichs

Saturday and Sunday November 13 & 14, 2021

9:00 am to 4:00 pm with an hour lunch break


          (Workshop size min 6)

           Recommended Experience Level: Beginner


           Cost: $175

           Materials: $30  instructor on day of workshop: all materials will be supplied.

                                   Note: portrait frame not included in this workshop.


Have you ever wished you had a portrait of your pet? Here is a chance to learn how to make a realistic portrait using wool. Wool is used as our “paint”. It is a fabulous medium for portraying animals. We will apply the wool using barbed needles stabbing into a wool felt background.  We start with a favorite photo of your furry friend. You’ll be taught how to transfer a usable outline onto a piece of felt, choose and blend colors and different techniques to get different textures. You do not need to have previous experience.


Here are the details:


Participants will learn how to needle felt a realistic portrait from a photo onto a wool felt background. One week or earlier before the class, students are asked to email favorite photos of their subject to instructor. Photos should be a close up of your pet with lots of reflection in the eyes and detail of the nose. On day one, participants will learn how to transfer a meaningful outline onto wool felt. Using a variety of colors and hand blending, we will begin needle felting the eyes and nose. I find that once the eyes are done the soul of the work is apparent and calls for the piece to be completed. Day two will focus on the ears and filling out the muzzle and the rest of the work. 


Skills taught:

  • Transferring a basic outline from a photo onto a felt background 

  • Techniques using felting needle and wool to paint a 2D portrait

  • Using a photo in various ways as a reference guide

  • Mixing wool of different colors to obtain wool of a precise color or color combination 

  • Seeing each individual color of a photo separate from its overall effect 

Eilidh 2.jpg
cat (2).jpg
Fox & Justine.jpg

Fancy Felted Foxes - 3D Felting

with  Justine Heinrichs

Saturday December 11, 2021

9:00 am to 4:00 pm with lunch break

          (Workshop size min 4)

           Recommended Experience Level: Beginner


           Cost: $130

           Materials: Included in cost of class



Come join me in learning to make this adorable fox! All participants will get enough material to make two foxes, maybe one for you and one for a friend?

Participants will learn:

How to make an armature

How wrap an armature

How to felt different shapes to bring our fox shape to life

How to make a pelt

How to shingle wool and how to do the fur technique.