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All Items in the shop are handmade by me, Nancy Wilson

Handwovens are woven on floor looms in my studio with a multitude of yarn...

some I spun, some I dyed and some I purchased.




The Baskets are made with 100% cotton fabric and handsewn.


Yarn choices for WI Alpaca Fest - Just Weave Worshop

Below are color choices: you will need to let me know the two contrasting colors as described in the email Lost Art Studio Sent you.

red 2055 -1.jpg
red 2055.jpg

Red - 2055

purple 1800 -1.jpg
purple 1800.jpg

Purple -1800

dk pink 2081.jpg
dk pink 2081-1.jpg

Dk Pink - 2081

dk gray 500 -1.jpg
dark gray 500.jpg

Black - 500

green 1420-1.jpg
green 1420.jpg

Green - 1420

med gray 1603-1.jpg
med gray 1603.jpg

Medium Gray - 1603

blue 475-1.jpg
blue 475.jpg

Blue - 475

lt gray 401.jpg
lt gray 401-1.jpg

light gray - 401


Beige - 207


Turquoise - 1620 


Lost Art

Fiber and Textile Studio

Nancy Wilson


located at Springs Gallery / Studios

519 Wisconsin Avenue
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186
WEDNESDAYS 3:00 - 5:00 pm
SATURDAYS 1:00 - 3:00 pm
or by appointment
Studio will be closed until September 11
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