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Black Ash Bucket Basket

May 6 and 7 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (1 hour lunch break)

           Instructor: Liandra Skenandore

           Cost: $175  + $65 material fee paid to instructor on day of class

            (Workshop size max. 8)

Black ash bucket baskets are beautiful, strong utilitarian baskets that can help hold a garden’s harvest or a myriad of home, office, or studio items; it can also be a cache pot for houseplants.

In this two day class students will learn about black ash basket weaving and its traditions as well as how to process black ash splint material to make their very own bucket basket that will measure approximately 6”x6”x6”.

Students will cut and knife scrape splints to create their uprights and weavers and will learn the continuous weave method.

There will also be black ash log pounding and splint splitting demonstrations that students can participate in but it is not required.

No prior basket weaving experience is necessary but some hand strength and dexterity are needed.

Please note we will be working with a knife blade as part of the black ash splint material preparation process.

Black Ash photo.jpg
Black Ash photo 2.jpg

About Liandra Skenandore

Liandra Skenandore is an enrolled citizen of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin and also belongs to the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, Muscogee Creek Nation, and Seminole Nation of Oklahoma.

She apprenticed as a black ash basket weaver under renowned black ash basket maker April Stone (Bad River Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe) through the 2020 Mentor Artist Fellowship Program with the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation. Liandra continues to practice black ash basket weaving and now enjoys sharing and teaching the craft with various communities. She lives in Oneida, Wisconsin




Just Weave

Beginners encouraged and welcome

Three 3 hour weaving sessions

               (9 hrs - additional time for finishing projects add $25/wk for loom rental)

           Tuesdays, Thursdays 6:00 - 9:00 pm or Saturdays 3:00-6:00

            or by mutually agreed up on times

           Instructor: Nancy Wilson

           Cost: $100  + Material Fee varies based on your project

            (Workshop size max. 3)

Contact me and we will schedule 3 consecutive 3 hour studio periods


Your weaving workshop includes a brief planning meeting with me

2 weeks prior to your first day of weaving so your project will be ready for you on your first day.


In this workshop you get individual instruction on the use of a floor loom and weave on a loom that is set up and ready to go. A major time consuming aspect of weaving is setting up the loom, this class does not include instruction on loom set up. A typical first project could be a scarf, shawl, table runner or wall hanging.

If you've taken 

                             Paint Your Yarn


                              Spin Your Yarn


This is an excellent way to use your yarn to create a one of a kind item.




Take It From the Beginning 

Beginners encouraged and welcome

Six 3 hour weaving sessions

                (18 hrs - additional time for finishing projects add $25/wk for loom rental)

    Instructor: Nancy Wilson

  Tuesdays, Thursdays 6:00 - 9:00 pm or Saturday afternoons 3:00 - 6:00

           or by mutually agreed up on times

           Cost: $175  plus cost of materials depending on project

            (Workshop size max. 3)   

Contact me and we will schedule 6 consecutive studio periods


You will learn about planning a project, measuring the yarn, the parts of a loom, preparing the loom, weaving and correcting mistakes. You will also become acquainted with several weaving patterns by weaving a sampler.


Loom Time

So you know how to weave and need a loom to work on... this is for you.

Rent one of the Lost Art looms and weave to your heart's content at the studio. Weave during regular open studio times (Friday night and Saturday afternoon), during any other scheduled Lost Art workshop or by mutually agreed up on times. Incudes use of all weaving related tools (yarn not included).

Loom time cost for one month - $100 ($25/week)


Contact me for looms currently available.








   Intro to Tapestry Weaving - 2 day workshop

             with Peggy MacArthur

           This workshop has been canceled.

          hope to reschedule for later in the year

                                        Materials Fee: $25 includes warp and weft materials paid to 

                                                                   instructor on day of workshop

                                        Bring your own loom. Cricket Rigid Heddle or tapestry loom

                                        Loom rental available, contact studio for details


Experience level needed: beginners

                             Class size 8 max

                             Cost: $150


 Learn the basics of tapestry weaving 

Class description

Tapestry weaving is an amazing way to create visual impact using the warp as your canvas and yarn as your paint.  Once you know basic tapestry techniques you can translate your ideas into a woven image.  In this session we will learn the basic tapestry techniques that are used to create a design and bring it to life with yarn.  Techniques include horizontal and vertical stripes, hatching, angles, slit and dovetail joins, pick and pick techniques, and outlining.  Each student can move at their own pace.

In the second class we will talk about design considerations, different tapestry looms available, where different techniques can be used to best advantage to create the effect you are hoping to achieve, and the use of cartoons.  We will look at the work tapestry artists and how they incorporate various techniques into their work. 


Looms will be available to rent, but feel free to bring your own tapestry or two harness loom.  We will be weaving about 5 inches wide, and recommended sett I 8 ends per inch.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.jpg

  Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2021)                  

Peggy MacArthur                                            

I began weaving in about 1980 when my husband built me a 40” wide floor loom using an illustration from a library book on weaving.  Talk about pressure!!!  I taught myself the basics of weaving then  took a weaving class , which turned out to be tapestry.  I wove a great deal in the early 1980s, with a focus of tapestry using images from Astronomy Magazine as inspiration.  After a forty year hiatus,  I am now back to weaving and tapestry continues to offer constant challenge and pleasure.  It is a technique in which you are constantly manipulating the yarn with your fingers and is highly satisfying.    

Breaking Out Tapestry.jpg

Breaking Out (1983) 



Cotton Towels.jpg

Introduction to Rigid Heddle Workshops

Learn to use a rigid heddle loom...

Instructor:  Nancy Wilson

                              Class size 2-6

Weave a Cotton Towel or Alpaca Houndstooth Scarf

Sunday October 22 or November 26      9:00 am - 4:00 pm

            Workshop Cost: $65

             Materials: $20 cotton yarn or $30 Classic Alpaca yarn

             Weave a towels finished size approx 13" x 22"

              or 8" x approx 40" scarf

              Length of finished item varies for each student.

             Yarn Color choices available at workshop

             Loom rental: $15 for the class and can be applied toward purchase

                                    of Cricket Loom

Experience level needed: No weaving experience required


Workshop Description: You will use a Schacht Cricket Loom to learn   

           the basics of rigid heddle weaving: how to set up your loom,

           the parts of the loom, put on a warp and weave a scarf, cowl or

           weaving sampler depending on your progress during the workshop.

Lost Art

Fiber and Textile Studio

Nancy Wilson


located at Springs Gallery / Studios

519 Wisconsin Avenue
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186
WEDNESDAYS 3:00 - 5:00 pm
SATURDAYS 1:00 - 3:00 pm
or by appointment
Studio will be closed until September 11
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