Please wear a mask when stopping by or
coming for a workshop.
We will use social distancing, masks and 
hand sanitizers to keep all of us as safe 
as we can from the COVID virus


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Just Weave

Beginners encouraged and welcome

Three 3 hour weaving sessions

           Tuesdays, Thursdays 6:00 - 9:00 pm or Saturdays 3:00 - 6:00

            or by mutually agreed up on times

           Instructor: Nancy Wilson

           Cost: $75  + Material Fee varies based on your project

            (Workshop size max. 3)

Contact me and we will schedule 3 consecutive 3 hour studio periods


Your weaving workshop includes a brief planning meeting with me

2 weeks prior to your first day of weaving so your project will be ready for you on your first day.


In this workshop you get individual instruction on the use of a floor loom and weave on a loom that is set up and ready to go. A major time consuming aspect of weaving is setting up the loom, this class does not include instruction on loom set up. A typical first project could be a scarf, shawl, table runner or wall hanging.

If you've taken 

                             Paint Your Yarn


                              Spin Your Yarn


This is an excellent way to use your yarn to create a one of a kind item.



Take It From the Beginning 

Beginners encouraged and welcome

Six 3 hour weaving sessions

    Instructor: Nancy Wilson

  Tuesdays, Thursdays 6:00 - 9:00 pm or Saturday afternoons 3:00 - 6:00

           or by mutually agreed up on times

           Cost: $175  plus cost of materials depending on project

            (Workshop size max. 3)   

Contact me and we will schedule 6 consecutive studio periods


You will learn about planning a project, measuring the yarn, the parts of a loom, preparing the loom, weaving and correcting mistakes. You will also become acquainted with several weaving patterns by weaving a sampler.












Loom Time

So you know how to weave and need a loom to work on... this is for you.

Rent one of the Lost Art looms and weave to your heart's content at the studio. Weave during regular open studio times (Friday night and Saturday afternoon), during any other scheduled Lost Art workshop or by mutually agreed up on times. Incudes use of all weaving related tools (yarn not included).

Loom time cost for one month - $100 ($25/week)


Contact me for looms currently available.